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Company-wide security -
go on the offensive

Concrete recommendations for action: from Europe's best hackers
Clear reporting: fix problems faster
Continuous scans: your entire IT system landscape at a glance
Data leaks: targeted check for data sets published involuntarily in the deep web

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A regular vulnerability scan should not be a luxury!

2020 09 30 13 54 23 Offensity Security monitoring


Almost every company has a virus scanner, a firewall and certainly endpoint protection. But what about an outside view of the company?

True to the motto, I see what you can't see, Offensity shows you which ports can be reached from the outside and which goals are hidden behind them. It shows you subdomains that you may not even have on your screen and whether there are potential, known vulnerabilities behind them.

Why subdomains, is this only for websites? No.

If you have a fixed IP address for your company, you will have several targets for your company. VPN, ERP, test environment ... these goals must be stored on the DNS server and thus goals such as accessible from any point on earth. "VPN"is a subdomain in this case.

2020 09 30 13 59 20 Offensity Security monitoringIn this specific example you can see immediately that some settings are definitely not wanted.

Databases that can be accessed directly from the outside and also with a weak password.
Or the jetdirect interface, which can be addressed directly from the outside via port 9100. It is hard to imagine that it was desired to make a printer interface accessible.

On the other hand, the possibilities for a hack are enormous.


2020 09 30 14 11 23 Offensity Security monitoring

A1 Offensity makes it very easy for you to understand misconfigurations and immediately take possible countermeasures. And all of this without having to study a safety guide.






Management was also considered. A clearly readable report that gives an assessment of the current situation can be passed on to the supervisor or the data protection officer in the simplest way.


 2020 09 30 14 26 02 Offensity Security monitoring