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IP Address Manager

  • Automated monitoring of IP addresses
  • Integrated DHCP, DNS and IP address management
  • IP address alerts, troubleshooting, and reporting
  • Vendor-independent DHCP and DNS support locally and in the cloud
  • IP Request Wizard for optimizing and automating IP address requests
  • FIRE-Support with CRUD operations for bi-directional integration with third party software

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Increasing demand for performance, BYOD, server virtualization, cloud migration, and smart devices is making networks ever larger and more complex. The first step to addressing this challenge is to manage the IP address space and key DHCP and DNS resources. SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides central IP address management along with unified DHCP and DNS management. With this software, your teams can quickly find available addresses and easily configure them in DHCP and DNS systems.