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Access Rights Manager

  • Active Directory monitoring
  • Checks for Windows File Shares
  • Monitor Microsoft Exchange
  • Access control and management for SharePoint
  • User provisioning and management
  • Analysis of user permissions

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Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to help IT and security administrators quickly and easily grant, revoke, manage, and control user access to systems, data, and files, protecting their organizations against potential data loss and data security breaches are. By analyzing user authorizations and access rights, you can use graphical representations to see which person has access to what content and when it has been accessed. custom Reports can be generated in just a few clicks to demonstrate compliance with most regulatory requirements. You can assign and revoke user access privileges using role-specific templates to ensure conformance of access privileges in accordance with security policies.


Reviewing and creating access management reports doesn't have to be difficult.

Sometimes ask yourself ...


Straightforward analysis of user access rights across the entire IT infrastructure
Quickly identify and reduce the risk of unauthorized system access and data breaches
Identify and manage risk by identifying malicious or unintentional access attempts and compromised accounts
Uncomplicated creation of user accounts and checking of user authorizations, groups and access rights across all systems, data and files
Quick evidence of compliance based on reports that can be created on demand or generated for automatic deployment
Support for temporary or total revocation of user access

features ARM (Audit Edition) ARM (full version)
User authorization analysis for Active Directory®, Azure® AD, file server (Windows®, EMC, NetApp®) SharePoint®, SharePoint Online, Exchange ™, Exchange Online, OneDrive®, SAP / R3 ✔️ ✔️
Audits (reporting) for Active Directory, file servers (Windows, EMC, NetApp), SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SAP / R3 ✔️ ✔️
Monitoring (logging) for Active Directory, file servers (Windows, EMC, NetApp), SharePoint Online, Exchange / Exchange Online, OneDrive ✔️ ✔️
Risk analysis Index ✔️ ✔️
Risk Management ✔️
User provisioning for Active Directory and Azure AD ✔️
Authorization management for Active Directory, file servers (Windows, EMC, NetApp), SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Exchange Online, OneDrive ✔️
Data owner concept (delegation of access rights management) ✔️
Self-service portal for authorizations ✔️
Troubleshooting ✔️